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Minister Hoxha: European Agenda Duties and Obligations should be Implemented by End of May

May 11, 2018

Prishtina, 11 May 2018 – At the Government meeting, the Minister of European Integration Dhurata Hoxha invited the Cabinet to implement the priorities of the European Reform Agenda (ERA).


Hoxha requested that the duties and obligations arising from the priorities of the European Reform Agenda be fulfilled by the end of May.


The Prime Minister (PM) Ramush Haradinaj supported her request by calling on the Government to invest maximum commitment and on each minister to ensure the fulfilment and serious addressing of obligations within the scope of their respective ministries.


Minister Hoxha first introduced the issue focusing on the implementation of priorities deriving from of the European agenda and the priority activities that should be completed in May.


The overwhelming majority of these activities are obligations arising from the implementation of ERA. According to Hoxha, the approval of KIESA’s organizational structure and the establishment of its Board requires the promotion of foreign direct investment in the framework of the second pillar of ERA. “Regarding the finalization of the Small Business Act Coordinating Structure, this activity aims at accomplishment of the fourth priority under the second pillar of ERA, which requires supporting the development of SMEs,” stressed Hoxha.


“The Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the Prevention of and Fight Against Informal Economy should be approved in the Government, and the NGO sector risk assessment should be completed,” Hoxha said further, adding that the institution responsible for implementing these activities is the Ministry of Finance.


Budget allocation under MTEF 2019-2021 for the transfer of inspectors from the municipal level to the Food and Veterinary Agency; ratification of the Transport Community Treaty; and identification of a suitable location for the construction of the hazardous waste disposal facility, funded by IPA 2015 are some of the issues that should be finalized by the end of this year, according to Minister Hoxha.


Furthermore, Hoxha proposed the adoption of the Communication and Information Strategy in support of the European integration process of Kosovo 2018-2021, which gives priority to the issue of public communication of the European integration process, namely the SAA. The intention is to inform and communicate with the citizens of Kosovo and other stakeholders, both at local and international level, regarding all aspects of the EU membership process – including challenges, benefits and obligations – thus enabling citizens to be informed and actively participate in shaping Kosovo’s European future.


Further, Minister Hoxha presented for approval in principle the initiative for the conclusion of the Tripartite Financial Agreement between the EU, Kosovo and Macedonia for 2017 for the implementation of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program funded under the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) between Kosovo and Macedonia. “We expect this agreement to pave the way for promoting the economic development of Kosovo’s border areas with Macedonia. Therefore, I invite you to approve this initiative, so that we can continue with the other steps to open up opportunities for Kosovo in terms of benefiting from IPA funds foreseen for cross-border cooperation,” she underlined.


Minister Hoxha also presented for approval the initiative for signing the trilateral financial agreement between the European Union, Kosovo and Albania for 2017 for the implementation of the Cross Border Cooperation Program funded under the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) 2014-2020 between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania.


Finally, Hoxha proposed the adoption in principle of the IPA 2018 Financial Agreement with the European Union. “On 10 April 2018, we received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the recommendation for the approval in principle of this agreement. The next step based on the Law on International Agreements is the approval in principle of the initiative by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo,“ said Hoxha.


All the proposals by Minister Hoxha were approved by the Government.


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