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Minister Hoxha at the Berlin Process Minister’s Summit: Kosovo is advancing in the integration process

February 15, 2019

Warsaw, 15 February 2019 – Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, in the meeting of Ministers for European Affairs from Western Balkans within the Polish Presidency of the Berlin Process, in Warsaw, held an occasional speech, where she mentioned that Kosovo remains fully committed to regional cooperation and the integration process.

At the beginning of the speech, Minister Hoxha noted that the Western Balkans region is facing many challenges that require actions at regional level as well as political and economic cooperation. The Berlin Process offers a great chance to address the common challenges and opportunities in a wide range of policy areas, including economic growth, competition and better connection with the Western Balkans region and beyond in the EU.

The Republic of Kosovo is at an important stage in implementing the European Integration Agenda, the comprehensive reform, mentioned Minister Hoxha, by fulfilling the obligations stemming from the Stabilization and Association Agreement, which for 2018, was managed to be implemented beyond the plan, with a constructive and pragmatic approach towards effective regional cooperation.

During 2019, Kosovo will review infrastructural projects and will add digital infrastructure, noted the Minister, and she added that it is being worked especially in some fields such as infrastructure, increase of WBIF funds and efficiency, better coordination between IPA and WBIF funds, and she added that Kosovo remains fully committed to regional cooperation as well as European Integration.

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