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Minister Çollaku: Remaining visa liberalisation criteria to be addressed soon

February 13, 2015

Prishtina, 13 February 2015 – Visa Liberalisation Steering Committee discussed with regard to the remaining criteria in the implementation of the Roadmap for Visa Liberalization, and also discussed the blocks in the area of repatriation and reintegration, document security, border management, asylum and migration, public order and security, fundamental rights relating to freedom of movement, and also the members of the committee discussed the measures to be taken in preventing illegal migration.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Isa Mustafa stated that: “Visa liberalisation dialogue remains one of the main short-term priorities of the Government, and we remain committed to complete this chapter, so our citizens can travel without visa in the Schengen area countries”.

With regard to irregular migration, Prime Minister Mustafa stated: “The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to bring hope back to our citizens through economic and social development of our country. In this regard we are undertaking specific measures in improving the life of our citizens, by providing them economical perspective; improve healthcare services, education, and activating the cultural and social life of our citizens. The reforms that we will undertake are based in the rule of law and economical reforms, and are part of our aspiration to become members of the great European family”.

In his speech, Minister Çollaku expressed his gratitude and that of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for the work done so far in meeting the criteria set by the Roadmap, adding the following: “The progress that we have reached together either in adopting the legal and strategic framework, consolidating institutional mechanisms or the tangible results achieved in all blocks of the Roadmap, have been reflected in the European Commission Report published in July last year. However, we are aware that there are some criteria/recommendations remaining to be addressed by the responsible institutions in the upcoming weeks and months”.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo agreed with the European Commission to send a final report on the implementation of remaining criteria. This report will be sent to the European Commission only when we consider to have fulfilled all actions and measures foreseen by this strategic documents ”During my last visit to Brussels, I agreed with the Director General of the Directorate for Home Affairs in the European Commission to sent a final report on the implementation of remaining criteria’s. This report will be sent to the European Commission only when we consider that we have managed to fulfil all actions and measures foreseen by the strategic documents. Therefore, the sooner we address the remaining criteria, the sooner will the report be sent to Brussels, thus opening the path of the European Commission to sent an evaluation mission before commencing internal EU procedures to amend the regulation 539/2001, and recommend that Kosovo is included in the list of countries which could travel to Europe without Visa.”

At the end of the meeting, Minister Çollak asked for additional commitment at this stage because this is the moment when our achievements should be presented in the best way possible.


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