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Minister Çollaku discussed about Kosovo’s progress in European agenda at the inter-parliamentary meeting between Kosovo and European Parliament in Strasbourg

April 29, 2015



Prishtina, 29 April – Minister of European Integration, Mr. Bekim Çollaku, participated today in the seventh inter-parliamentary meeting between the European Parliament and the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo in Strasbourg, France. At this meeting, were present the Delegation of MEP’s for Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina that is led by Mr. Tonino Picula, the Minister presented the progress achieved by Kosovo in meeting the country’s European agenda.

After thanking the MEPs for the continuous support provided to Kosovo especially in meeting the reforms for EU integration, Minister Çollaku has informed them about the steps that Kosovo is taking regarding these reforms.

In the context of European integration, the Minister informed them that the Government of Kosovo has set two main priorities for this year which are related to the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the conclusion of the dialogue on visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo.

“As far as the SAA goes, this agreement has a great significance for us because it empowers more the relations between Kosovo and the EU. We are expecting this agreement to be signed during this year and then to commence with its implementation”, stated Minister Çollaku.

Whereas the Minister added that the other priority relates to the visa liberalization, a process for which Kosovo is committed and has worked since 2009.

“The government has accelerated the implementation of criteria set out in the Visa Liberalization Roadmap, and by June this year we will implement all the required criteria, and then will submit the final report to the European Commission. We expect this process to be completed during 2015”, added the Minister.

The Minister of European Integration, during this meeting as well, reiterated the fact that the European Commission was stricter with Kosovo by doubling the criteria in comparison to the other countries of the Western Balkans in terms of visa liberalization, a matter which was respected by Kosovo and we worked with commitment towards their fulfilment.

A delegation of deputies of Kosovo Assembly led by the President of the Assembly, Mr. Kadri Veseli took part in the seventh parliamentary meeting between the EP and Kosovo Assembly.

Present were also the senior representatives of European Commission and European External Action Service (EEAS).

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