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Minister Çitaku travels to Luxembourg and Brussels – in focus of SAA and Visa liberalization

April 21, 2013

Prishtina, 21 April, 2013 – As part of the Kosovo’s Government overall approach to the European agenda, Minister Çitaku traveled today for a three day visit to Luxembourg and Brussels.  The purpose of the visit is discussion on the beginning of negotiation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Kosovo and the European Union and discussion on the progress within the visa liberalization dialogue.

During the visit, within various meetings, Deputy Prime Minister Kusari-Lila and Minister Rexhepi will be joining her.

The official visit to Luxembourg will start on Monday, 22 April 2013 where Minister Çitaku is going to meet among other, Ministers of the Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary and Estonia.

On Tuesday, April 23- 2013, Minister Çitaku will meet Mrs. Marie-Josee Jacobs, Minister for Development Cooperation of Luxembourg on which occasion will be signed bilateral agreement for development assistance between Republic of Kosovo and Luxembourg.

The official visit to Brussels will begin on Tuesday afternoon of 23 April 2013 where Minister Çitaku and Minister Rexhepi will meet Mrs. Cecilia Malmstrom, Commissioner of Home Affairs. In the next meeting Minister Çitaku and Deputy Prime Minister Kusari – Lila will meet Mr. Karel De Gucht, Commissioner of the Trade. At the end of Tuesday, Minister Çitaku will meet Director General of the European Commission Directorate for Justice, Mrs. Françoise Le Bail.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013, Minister Çitaku will meet in two separate meetings representatives of the EU Member States within the EU-s Working Group for Western Balkans (COWEB), and European parliament members of Working Group for Western Balkans. At the end of Wednesday, Minister Çitaku and Deputy Prime Minister Kusari – Lila will meet Mr. Stefan, Commissioner for Enlargement.

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