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Minister Çitaku had a meeting with the ambassadors of Quint

February 22, 2013

Pristine, 22 February 2013 – In order to cooperate and coordinate activities of interest to our country, Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku met in a joint meeting the European Union representative in Kosovo, Mr. Samuel Zbogar and Quint Ambassadors in Kosovo.

During the meeting, Minister Çitaku presented a description of recent developments in the country but also the last meetings held with senior officials in Brussels. Simultaneously also discussed over the meeting in Brussels, where among other topics it was discussed the undoing of the illegal Serbian security structures and the organization of free elections in the northern municipalities, based on the Kosovo laws.

Minister Çitaku expressed her gratitude on behalf of the citizens and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for the support that Quint member states are giving to Kosovo’s democratic development, as well as in the process of European integration of our country. Minister also assured the ambassadors that the process of normalization of relations between the state of Kosovo and Serbia and also the entire region will continue for the benefit of all citizens and the development of the region as a whole.

In relation to the visa liberalization, Minister stated that: ‘A large part of short-term criteria have already been met, and in this context, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, state institutions are determined in the implementation of reforms that build and develop a European Kosovo”. And chapters that have been identified as a key part of the Feasibility Study as: rule of law, respectively, judicial system and fight against corruption. Public Administration, Protection of the minorities and Trade, were done significant advances.

Also, the Minister said that; respecting and protecting of minorities and cultural rights in Kosovo is regulated not only by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, but also with international conventions, which are implemented directly in the Republic of Kosovo, regarding Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination. There is also advanced primary and secondary legislation related to these guaranteed rights.

Kosovo remains loyal to the European agenda and we are working to our maximum in order to meet all the criteria set out in the report, and we remain convinced that only through dialogue we can normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia to the benefit of the entire region.

Also, the ambassadors stated that there is more work to do and there is a need for comprehensive mobilization in order that the processes run volubly as possible.


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