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Minister Çitaku accepted in a meeting today Minister of European Integration of the Republic of Albania, Mrs. Klajda Gjosha

September 13, 2013

Prishtina, 13 September 2013 – Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku, accepted in a meeting new Minister of European Integration of the Republic of Albania, Mrs. Klajda Gjosha.

In today’s meeting realized tête-à-tête, between two counterparts, bilateral relations and closer cooperation on the European integration process was discussed.

Both ministers appreciated the work that has been done so far, and pledged to deepen and coordinate activities that will accelerate the process of integration and advancing agendas of both countries.

Minister Çitaku, on this occasion congratulated Gjosha for the new responsibility and expressed a hope that success be materialized as soon as possible so that Albania and Kosovo be as closer as possible to EU membership. The Minister also expressed a hope that the European Union accepts Kosovo and Albania as two powerful countries both economically and politically, so that the EU integration be as natural as possible.
Addressing her viewpoints Minister Gjosha said that: “cooperation will be enhanced and Albania from its side will stand by Kosovo to help with its experience in the European agenda.”

At the end of the meeting developments in Kosovo and Albania were discussed, and deepened cooperation between our two governments.


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