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Kosovo citizens have become the second nationality by the number of asylum seeking requests in France

July 23, 2013

Prishtina, 23 July. 2013 – Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku and French Ambassador in `Kosovo Maryse Daviet held a joint press conference in order to deny latest news given into the local medias in Kosovo stating that “France is giving asylum to Kosovars”.

On this occasion Minister Çitaku and Ambassador addressed to the opinion in Kosovo in order to clarify that this information is incorrect and doesn’t stand. Since 2009 Kosovo and other countries of Western Balkans are considered as safe countries, therefore the requests for asylum in the countries of Schengen zone is refused for all.

Minister Çitaku said that: “France has been an ongoing supporter of the Republic of Kosovo in all important processes through which Kosovo went through the last decade. And currently, France is a strong supporter of the Kosovo integration in the EU and process of Visa Liberalisation.

In the last few days the media has reported on the increasing number of asylum seekers from Kosovo in France. Only during this year it is estimated that more than two thousand Kosovo citizens have sought asylum in France. It was also reported that France is offering asylum and permission to stay to the Kosovo citizens, which is not true. The Government of Kosovo and the Government of France have signed agreement on Readmission and Reintegration and over 98 percent of the applications for asylum in the Republic of France have been refused.  Therefore there is now word about positive answers for the asylum seeking persons from Kosovo.

Among other Minister Çitaku said that: “Every month in Kosovo is repatriated about sixty persons from France and it must be said that the repatriation and reintegration process is going very well. Kosovo Police together with French police is cooperating in order to prevent different criminal networks that are conducting human trafficking. Kosovo police has arrested today members of a criminal network and eight persons are in handcuffs because of their involvement in the trafficking with human beings and stimulation of illegal migration.

On her part, French Ambassador in Kosovo Maryse Daviet appealed to Kosovo citizens to not fall a prey of the false promises of the traffickers that they will find jobs. She said that:” Kosovo citizens have become the second nationality in France by the number of requests for asylum. Most of them have entered illegally in France. Most of these asylum seekers or 98 percent of them have been refused, and others will be refused asylum to stay in France.  With this increase of the number of asylum seekers it has been created a chaotic and unacceptable situation, said Ambassador.

Ambassador continued by saying that: “France has opened its doors for Kosovars in their most difficult days during nineties when they were fleeing in order to avoid persecution and repression that was inflicted to them.  The same opportunity was provided by France also for the citizens of Albania who were fleeing from persecution of the totalitarian regime before nineties, and same things was done with people all over the world who were avoiding dictatorship, physical persecution, ethnic, racial and religious and you are aware that there are many countries where this is happening. To be more direct, asylum seekers from Europe are not eligible because they have no reasons to apply for political or economical asylum because there are no such opportunities for illegal migrants, said among other Ambassador Daviet.

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