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France continues to support Kosovo

November 21, 2013

Paris, 21 November 2013 – Minister of European Integration, Mrs. Vlora Çitaku today, during her visit in France, was received by her counterpart, French Minister for European Affairs, Mr. Thierry REPENTIN, on this occasion, recent developments in Kosovo, such as; proper organization of democratic elections, progress on the improvement of inter-neighbourly relations with Serbia, advancing Kosovo`s European agenda, progress of negotiations for Stabilisation and Association Agreement – SAA and Visa Liberalisation, were discussed.

During the meeting Minister Çitaku emphasized key achievements of our country such as strengthening of international and regional subjectivity, building a democratic and legal state where all citizens enjoy equal rights. At the same time, Minister Çitaku spoke about concrete advances regarding the Kosovo`s European agenda, as well increased dynamics of negotiations for SAA and fulfilment of all recommendations and criteria’s set forth regarding Visa Liberalisation.

On this occasion, Minister Çitaku stated: “Kosovo has remained loyal to pre determined priorities in order to undertake all necessary reforms, so the progress regarding that European agenda to be more dynamic”.

Also, Minister Çitaku stated that: “Organization of free elections, for the first time throughout the entire territory of Kosovo, from our institutions represents a significant step in the extension of sovereignty throughout Kosovo. This is also an important achievement for commencing the enforcement of 19th April Agreement “.

On his behalf, her counterpart, Mr. REPENTIN stressed the support of France for advancing Kosovo in the international arena and European agenda, since Kosovo has proved devotion for constructive dialogue with the sole purpose of improving inter-neighbourly relations and to contribute to the region, in advancing with European perspective. Minister Repentini after congratulating Minister Çitaku regarding democratic elections, among other stated: “In the internal aspect it is clear that you have made a lot of progress and I am confident that you will continue with the same pace.

This should serve as an incentive to move forward. The French Government stance is that cooperation between our two countries should be deepened due to the fact that this strengthening of our relations contributes even more to the process of advancing your European agenda and emphasizes even more the friendship between our two countries.”

On this occasion, the issue of asylum seekers from Kosovo in France was discussed also, where Minister Repentini stated that: greater commitment is needed because this trend affects negatively, not only to the France but also to other member states which encounter the same problem. “Additional care and proper measures should be undertaken for stopping asylum seekers who abuse with this process.” concluded Minister Repentini.
During next meeting that Minister Çitaku had with Mr. Pierre LEVY, Director for European Union in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  current processes on which our country and the region is going through, were discussed.

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