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November 29, 2017


Prishtina, 29 November 2017 – General Secretary of the Ministry of European Integration, Demush Shasha, attended the send-off for participants in the second Round of EU SCHEME FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS IN THE WESTERN BALKANS.

In the context of the Berlin process and in the framework of the EU’s Connectivity Agenda for the Western Balkans, the European Commission launched a regional executive programme and exchange component for young civil servants from the Western Balkans, namely the EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans.

On his remark, General Secretary Shasha talked about the positive impact from the pilot related to facilitation and improvement of two cornerstones of the EU accession process in the Western Balkans: Public Administration Reform and regional cooperation, the aim of the project which is twofold:

To build professional capacity and prepare the next generation of public administrators and policy makers in the six Western Balkan countries who will be in charge of the accession process and drive and lead future change in their societies, in particular those required under the SAA implementation and accession negotiation process; And to promote the regional cooperation element of the EU integration process at the level of civil service by making cross-border connections between these leaders and agents of change and facilitating peer learning and the sharing of best practices.

Among the key actions and activities of the project include:

Though a fair and transparent process select 30 civil servants from the WB countries (five from each country: Kosovo, BiH, Serbia, FYROM, Montenegro and Albania) to attend executive and professional training in two EU MS Institutions: SciencePo and College of Europe.

Trainings will be followed by regional exchange programs, which will be utilized as learning and networking opportunity for the candidates. The learning and exchange opportunities will strengthen the cooperation and contribute to further reconciliation in the region.

The professional and mentoring support provided to the candidates will allow them and the alumni association (of the civil servants beneficiaries of this project) to contribute to their areas of expertise be a respected voice in the EU integration as well as PAR and regional cooperation debates.

This year five participants from Kosovo administration have been granted the right of opportunity to attend courses at two of the above mentioned Universities; SciencePo and College of Europe.

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