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EU- is the only alternative for Kosovo and region

December 20, 2012

Prishtina, 20 December 2012 – On her second day of the visit in Paris, Minister of the European Integration, Vlora Çitaku, participated as panelist in a debate organized by Robert Schuman Foundation, on the topic “Kosovo’s Perspective in EU after independence supervision”.

In this debate Minister Çitaku highlighted the achievements in the process of the European Integration, and importance of this process for Kosovo. In the debate was also discussed the issue of visa and up to date achievements. Minister Çitaku emphasized the importance of visa liberalization for Kosovo, especially for the citizens of Kosovo that are eagerly expecting for the doors to open in order to visit their relatives. Part of discussion in the debate was also dialogue with Serbia, where Minister Çitaku emphasized the importance of the dialogue for the two sides, saying that “only through the dialogue we will achieve to overcome difficulties that obstruct both sides in pur paths towards EU”.

Minister Çitaku also met the President of the French Delegation at the Council of Europe Mr. René Rouquet, to discuss European prospects and all the process that Kosovo is going through towards European Integration. On this occasion Minister Çitaku informed Mr. Rouquet on the latest developments in Kosovo, and the progress on achieving criteria for Visa Liberalization and beginning of the dialogue for the SAA. On his part, MR. Rouquet guaranteed on his further work in strengthening of the relations between Kosovo’s authorities and the Council of Europe.

Minister’s Çitaku speech in the debate organized by Robert Schuman Foundation, on the topic “Kosovo’s perspective in the EU after the end of independence supervision”.

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