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Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi conducts the next regular meeting with civil society organizations

November 13, 2023

Prishtina, 13 November, 2023

The first Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Development and Dialogue of the Republic of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, accompanied by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, held the next regular meeting with civil society organizations.

Today’s meeting was dedicated to the field of education. The priorities from the European Reform Agenda II in this area were discussed, such as the improvement of the general quality in the education sector; ensuring transparent governance of educational institutions; and increasing access to education. From next year we will continue only with the National Program for European Integration (NEP) 2024–2028, while the remaining measures from the ERA and the recommendations of the country report will be included in that plan.

As for civil society, the latest report on the country assesses that it is functioning in a favorable environment. Civil society continues to actively participate in public consultations and contribute to policy-making and monitoring processes. The online platform for public consultations has been updated with features that facilitate the participation of people with special needs.

The report also finds that CSOs, stakeholders and the public engaged almost four times more often in public consultations at the central level compared to 2021.

As the Government, we see civil society actors as partners in the European integration process where each party has its own role and can contribute to the drafting, monitoring, implementation or communication of reforms.

Internal reforms in the rule of law, good governance, economic and social progress, visa liberalization and commitment to regional cooperation confirm that we are taking the right steps and on the right path towards the European future.

The next meetings for this year will be in the field of the rule of law, public administration reform and the energy sector.

Last modified: December 8, 2023

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