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Deputy Minister Kasapolli hosted a meeting with German Parliamentarians

July 3, 2013


Prishtina, 03 July , 2013 – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of European Integration, Mr. Gëzim Kasapolli hosted a meeting with German delegation chaired by a member of the German parliament, Mr. Rainer Erdel, who were accompanied by German Ambassador in Kosovo, Mr. Peter Blomeyer. At the meeting Deputy Minister Kasapolli informed delegation about the latest developments in the country and Kosovo’s advancement in the European agenda.

On this occasion the delegation from Germany was interested for the overall political developments, the importance of the beginning of negotiations for Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) for Kosovo, important issues that should be treated for SAA,   and at the same time new reality created in the report with advancement in the way towards EU integration.

At the meeting was discussed about the importance of reaching agreement with Serbia and beginning of normalization reports between two countries, which is at the same time a condition for EU integration and improvement of the neighbor relations.

Deputy Minister Kasapolli thanked German government and people for their contribution to Kosovo. A particular emphasis was put on the leading role that Germany has taken for the development of Kosovo and for its support in the fulfillment of the criteria for the advancement toward EU integration.

Deputy Minister Kasapolli also stressed that relations between two countries are going to develop further and we believe that cooperation will be intensified with Kosovo’s advancement in the process of European Integration.

The delegation from Germany expressed consideration for the up to date achievements and they expressed interest in finding of areas of common interest in order to intensify cooperation.

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