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Deputy Minister Kasapolli at the Istanbul Conference regarding the Impact of the EU in Balkans, as a condition for Democracy and Security

June 10, 2013

Istanbul, 7th June 2013 – Deputy Minister of European Integration, Mr. Gëzim Kasapolli has been invited in a conference in Istanbul organised by the Ministry of European Affairs of the Turkish Government; regarding the EU impact in Balkan, as a condition for Democracy and Security.

Deputy Minister Kasapolli addressed to the participants by saying “Kosovo is grateful to the Turkish Government and people for giving the help to Kosovo when it most needed. In addition, in the state building period, Turkey was also close to Kosovo”.

Regarding the topic, Deputy Minister added “The European Integration has become a strategic objective of the Western Balkans. European Integration has become a synonym of success, development, democracy, human rights and rule of law. Each country in the region aspires to achieve these values not only for the sake of European Integration as a conclusion act in it, but also for the sustainable welfare of our citizens which would contribute to the peace and security in the region.

Kosovo is well constructed politically and in the mind and heart of the citizens it is in the path toward European Integration. We are trying to bring Europe in Kosovo and by this at the same time we have brought Kosovo to Europe. In order to realise this dream there has been a great political commitment by the Kosovo political leadership to foster the process as much as possible. We are all happy that there is an EU political will for a clear EU perspective for the region in general, said among other Deputy Minister Kasapolli

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