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Deputy Minister Çelaj hosted in a meeting the Czech students: European Union should not make any further delays as regards the region’s integration process

July 16, 2019

Prishtina, 16 July 2019 – Deputy Minister of European Integration, Lirak Çelaj, hosted in a meeting the Czech students’ group, with who he discussed the implementation of reforms, integration process and visa liberalization.

Mr Çelaj emphasized that the youth are the most valuable asset of our country and that they need space to act – similarly to their peers – to be included and to have a facilitated approach towards EU values, and they need education and professionalism.

“Hindering free movement to our citizens, especially our youth, is a handicap that should be avoided and we expect the Council of Ministers to address this important issue for our citizens. Our diaspora is very powerful and this also affects other areas, such as training of our youth, investments, interpersonal relationships and other aspects that affect the advancement of our country and our citizens”, emphasized Mr Çelaj, adding that the future of our country is, without any alternatives, Euro-Atlantic integration.

Czech students were interested in the progress and process of reforms, aspects of economic development, investment and education areas, environmental issues and prevention of brain gains, being problematic issues to all states.

Mr Çelaj stressed that integration values and consensual determination for Kosovo’s European future enable increased commitment to preventing movement of youth abroad or brain gain by focusing on undue delays as regards the integration process. Mr Çelaj said that delays may result in undesirable effects from global risks other than Euro-Atlantic integration values and determination to Kosovo and its citizens.

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