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Wide support for the new draft Law on interception, which will be an instrument that will serve for protection of human rights

March 18, 2015

Prishtina, 18 March 2015 – Deputy Minister Ramadan Ilazi attended took part today at the roundtable with the topic: “Protection of journalists’ sources of information with the new Law on Interception: Are we on the right track?” which was organized by the Association of Journalists of Kosovo in cooperation with the Group for Legal and Political Studies.

Law on Interception of Telecommunications is a part of the requirements of the European Commission within the visa liberalization process, and as such constitutes a particular importance.

Ministry of European Integration during February and March has led an inclusive consultative process with the main stakeholders in order to improve the Draft Law on Interception of Telecommunications, for its third attempt to issue such a law.

Participants at the meeting expressed their support for the new draft Law on Interceptions by insisting to keep its current content.

Deputy Minister Ilazi stressed in this roundtable that the current draft Law on Interceptions will be an additional instrument for protection of human rights and it reflects an important consensus between civil society and security apparatus.

Deputy Minister Ilazi added that the “Draft Law on Interception of Telecommunications makes a clear separation between the interception for the purposes of criminal proceedings and interception for the purpose of intelligence and national security. In addition, this law has determined that the Liaison Unit and Monitoring Centres will be placed in different locations in order to avoid the possibility of misuse. The main innovation of the law is the establishment of the position of Commissioner for the Supervision of Interceptions, which is an important and sufficient guarantee to protect the citizens from the possibility of abuse and to ensure the protection of the privacy right

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