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Slovenia supports the abolition of visas for citizens of Kosovo

November 20, 2015

Ljubljana, 20 November 2015 – Following the meetings with leaders of EU institutions in Brussels, the Minister of European Integration, Mr. Bekim Çollaku, continued his official visits to the EU member states.

The Minister is staying in Ljubljana today, where he met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Karl Erjavec, and the State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dragoljuba Bencina.

During the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, they discussed the developments in Kosovo, with the focus on the European agenda.

Minister Çollaku thanked the Slovenian chief diplomat for the contribution and ongoing support that his state provided to Kosovo through bilateral cooperation, with special emphasis on cooperation in the economic sphere, as well as through diplomatic and military presence within the international missions in Kosovo.

Minister Çollaku informed the Slovenian party regarding the steps that Kosovo is undertaking in the field of European integration, focusing on the next goal which is related to the visa liberalisation process.

After the signing of Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between Kosovo and the EU and its ratification by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, Minister Çollaku underlined that Kosovo righteously expects from the European Commission to confirm the fulfilment of the criteria for visa liberalization process, and to recommend the abolition of the visa regime for its citizens. Minister Çollaku stressed that Kosovo has met all the criteria set by the European Commission for its citizens to travel freely and without visas in the Schengen Area, and expects support in this process from friendly countries such as the Republic of Slovenia.

Meanwhile, Slovenian diplomat Mr. Erjavec and Ambassador Bencina, congratulated Minister Çollaku for signing the SAA, and the leadership shown in making important decisions which strengthens the European perspective of the country, and reaffirmed the country’s readiness to support visa liberalization for Kosovo’s citizens.

The parties, among others, agreed on the common need to deepen economic cooperation after the signing of the SAA between Kosovo and the EU, as an excellent opportunity to increase trade and investment exchanges between the two countries. In addition, they discussed on deepening the cooperation in education, science, culture and tourism.

The interlocutors agreed regarding the need for political stability in the country and the democratic functioning of institutions, underlining that violence being used is in fact damaging Kosovo’s image, and consecutively the European integration process and jeopardizes the decision on visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens.

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