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National Program for Implementation of the SAA is adopted

March 10, 2016

Prishtina, 09 March 2016 – Ministry for European Integration welcomes the adoption of the National Program for Implementation of the SAA by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Support provided by the MP’s of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo and the adoption of the National Program for Implementation of the SAA proves the commitment of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to implement all legislative and institutional reforms and adhere contractual obligations stipulated under the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

This program is the key national strategic document for implementing the European agenda that covers a five-year period 2016-2020 and focuses in three strategic aspects of EU membership:
• Fulfilling the SAA’s obligations
• Alignment of national legislation with EU legislation
• Implementation of aligned legislation

The program covers all chapters of the EU Acquis. Based on the structure of Copenhagen Criteria, all measures and priorities have been separated in three blocks: Political Criteria, Economic Criteria, and European Standards.

The program separates legislative and implementation measures and priorities in two phases: short-term measures (for 2016) and mid-term priorities (for 2017-2020). The program also clearly defines the institutions’ responsibilities for their implementation, the deadlines for completing these actions, and budgetary resources.

The process for drafting the program is coordinated by the Ministry for European Integration, with the inclusion of all state institutions, and with an inclusive and consultative process with civil society and other interested stakeholders.

The implementation of the program shall commence immediately upon the entry into force of the SAA in early April 2016

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