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Ministry of European Integration launches transparency platform of development assistance in Kosovo

September 14, 2015

Prishtina, 14 September 2015 – Ministry of European Integration within the activities for coordination of foreign donor assistance in Kosovo and to increase transparency towards this coordination launches visual transparency platform of development assistance in Kosovo.

Through this platform are presented donor contributions for 2014, as well the projects that are being implemented through the Instrument for Pre-Accession IPA 2013 and 2014.

Minister of European Integration, Mr. Bekim Çollaku, considers that this platform, published today by the MEI as coordinator of development assistance in Kosovo, aims to increase transparency and accountability and also to provide citizens easy access to information on development assistance.

The platform graphically shows allocation of donations by donor, sector allocation and allocation of donations at the municipal level.

Besides serving as a practical method for presenting the donor database, the platform also aims to inform the public on the contribution of donors to the Republic of Kosovo and to increase transparency with regard to coordination of foreign assistance which is channelled according to objectives of Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

For more information about the platform please visit:

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