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Minister Hoxha: The reforms within the SAA should be given priority in terms of implementation

May 21, 2018

Prishtina, 21 May 2018 – At the Government meeting, the Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, submitted for approval the Draft Law on Ratification of Bilateral Agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg within the framework of the Development Cooperation Project, KSV/019: Technical Assistance in the Context of European Integration.

Also, Minister Hoxha presented at the Government meeting the state of the key planned reforms that have not been implemented under the SAA. Minister Hoxha stressed that the current agreement was signed on 7 March 2018 in Luxembourg after receiving the authorization for signature by the President of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Luxembourg Government’s contribution to funding the project based on grants will be in the maximum amount of EUR 2,000,000 (EUR 2 million), while Kosovo’s financial contribution will be in the amount of EUR 100,000.

The proposal of Minister Hoxha got approval of the Government Cabinet during this meeting. Minister Hoxha presented the state of implementation of the National Programme for the Implementation of the SAA during the last year based on the findings of the annual report drafted by the Ministry of Integration in cooperation with all responsible institutions.

“For 2017, this program envisaged the implementation of 967 short-term measures, out of which 260, or about 26% of them, were legislative measures, while the other 707 measures, or about 74% of them, were implementing measures”, emphasized Minister Hoxha, adding that the overall implementation rate of the Programme is 62.05%, as 600 of the 967 planned measures have been implemented, while the remaining 367 measures, or 37.95% of them, have not been implemented.

Further on, Minister Hoxha stressed, regarding the legislative reforms, the findings indicate that we have achieved an implementation rate of 38.47%, as 100 of the 260 planned short-term legislative measures have been implemented, while 160, or 61.53% of them, have not been implemented.

“The program has envisaged the implementation of 707 implementing measures, while at this stage, we have an implementation rate of 70.72% since 500 out of the 707 planned short-term measures have been implemented, while 207, or 29.28% of them, have not been implemented”, said Minister Hoxha.

According to the findings of this annual report, Minister Hoxha pointed out, the key planned reforms that have not been implemented should be given priority. She invited the Cabinet to work a lot in order to ensure that all these issues are treated with priority.

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