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Minister Hoxha receives support regarding visa liberalization from Hungarian Minister of Internal Affairs Pinter

October 30, 2018

The Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha was hosted in a meeting in Budapest by the Hungarian Minister of Internal Affairs, Sandor Pinter and on this occasion emphasized the importance of visa liberalization and fulfilment of its criteria from Kosovo.

Minister Hoxha, informed in detail Mr Pinter with the achievements and challenges of the integration process, in particular on meeting the criteria on visa liberalization and at the same time urged support from him in this process at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Free movement would mark a very crucial moment for our citizens, said Ms Hoxha, by pointing out significant reduction of illegal migration in recent years, the successful information campaign concerning the rules on free movement in Schengen States, as well as credible surveys on the low percentage of young people regarding the migration, are factors that would affect decision-making by the relevant ministers in the Council of Ministers.

Minister Pinter thanked Minister Hoxha regarding the presented arguments, by pointing out the importance of meeting the criteria from the Roadmap, as well as the fact that Kosovo is the only country in Europe with restriction on free movement.

He assured Minister Hoxha that Hungary, from the beginning of democracy, was standing close to Kosovo’s citizens, not only in terms of recognizing the independence but also for integration into international organizations. Mr Pinter reiterated that visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo would bring benefits not only for Kosovo and the region, but also beyond, by once again reaffirming the comprehensive support from Hungary.

We are committed, and this is even a consensual commitment of our Republic, that the integration path is our only alternative, said Minister Hoxha. She also emphasized that at this stage of development, the priority is visa liberalization, by pointing out that the Commission and the European Parliament have reaffirmed the fulfilment of Kosovo’s criteria regarding visa liberalization.

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