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Minister Hoxha “opens” the doors of the ministry upon marking the 10th anniversary of independence

February 12, 2018

Prishtina, 12 February 2018 – The Ministry of European Integration, upon the marking of the 10th anniversary of independence has “opened” the doors to citizens, students and pupils, with whom the minister discussed the achievements and challenges faced during this jubilee.

The first visit to the Ministry was done by students of Political Science and Diplomacy in the University of Prishtina, whereas the second visit was by the students of XII grade of the ShM “Sami Frashëri”.

Minister Hoxhaj, wrote on her social network that “students were interested to know the priorities within this process and the date for visa liberalisation. Although a new country, we have the resolve and opportunity of catching-up to other countries, and become part of the integration agenda, along with neighbouring countries”.

We are all committed to achieving our long-awaited goals, as soon as possible, through the SAA and the European Reforms Agenda. The students’ knowledge in this regard was encouraging, and I welcomed their point of views on the process.

After the meeting with the pupils of the XII grade from ShM “Sami Frashëri”, Minister Hoxha posted the following in her social network “I had the pleasure of speaking about our countries achievement on the integration process, upon marking the 10th anniversary of independence. The students had several questions regarding the integration and visa liberalisation process. I told them that we are determined in our country’s European perspective, as the only alternative to our citizens, and that we will fulfil our obligations as a country in this regard”.

In the light of the third activity for marking the 10th anniversary of independence, Minister Hoxha visited ShF “Faik Konica”, thus symbolically marking the 10th year of independence with 10 year old pupils.

In her social network, Minister Hoxhaj posted “after the exceptional reception in this festive meeting, I told the pupils that our country is a value that was created following a century of commitment and work. Thank you school principal, teachers and beloved pupils. Happy the 10th anniversary of Independence! #Kosova10”.

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