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Minister Hoxha met with youngsters from the Presheva Valley – Proud of the values of youngsters from the Valley

June 25, 2019

Prishtina, 25 June 2019 – The Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, today met with young people from the Presheva Valley, whereby she discussed the challenges faced by them, such as recognition of diplomas, low enrollment quotas in the University of Prishtina for students from the Presheva Valley, and other issues.

The minister emphasized that Kosovo is an example with regard to respecting the rights of the communities, an example that Serbia should follow as well.

Below you can find the full post of Minister Hoxha in her Facebook account:

“The meeting with the youngsters from the Presheva Valley was an opportunity to discuss the values of our youth, and their capacities in all areas, compared to their peers from EU countries.

The mutual recognition of diplomas, low enrollment quotas at the University of Prishtina for students from the Presheva Valley, and the licensing difficulties for professionals, were some of the concerns we discussed with the youth from the Valley. These concerns have already been resolved in all the countries of the region. We have shared this concern with the EU institutions during the discussions on good neighborly relations and have included it in the evidences of such good neighborhood from our side.

The Republic of Kosovo is an example in this regard. We would like our neighbors, primarily Serbia, to act as such as well, knowing very well that students from the Presheva Valley have problems with recognition of diplomas obtained in Kosovo or Albania, which are valid all over the world, but not in Serbia.

Our youngsters in the Presheva Valley, in this part of the Balkans, should enjoy all the benefits that they are entitled to, including the opportunity of finding their field of interest such as job trainings that match the global market demands, or science, art, music, sports and youth activities.

I am proud of the Euro-Atlantic values and visions of our youngsters from the Valley!”


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