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Minister Çitaku Ministri Çollaku signs the book of condolences for the victims in Brussels

March 26, 2016

Prishtina, 24 March 2016 – Minister of European Integration Mr. Bekim Çollaku, signed today the book of condolences opened by the Embassy of Belgium in Kosovo, in honour of the victims of the horrendous attack that occurred three days ago in Brussels.

On this occasion Minister Çollaku expressed his condolences for the victims and his solidarity that goes to the family members of victims and the entire people of Belgium for the tragic loss and injury of a large number of people.

Minister Çollaku emphasized that the institutions and the people of Kosovo commiserate and express their complete solidarity to Belgium, because such attacks are direct attacks on European and democratic values which the whole continent embraces and aims to achieve, and as such we should protect them at any costs, thus showing our determination in combating this phenomenon that is turning into a threat to all mankind.

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