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Citizens of Kosovo move without visas from January 1, 2024

April 24, 2023

Pristina, 18 April 2023

Visa liberalization is now a reality. Today the final decision on visa liberalization was voted positively in the European Parliament. It will be officially signed tomorrow in Strasbourg by the European Parliament and council of the EU, where the first vice prime minister for European Integration, Development and Dialog, Besnik Bislimi will be present.

The decision will be published on the official newspaper and is effective 20 days after the publication. Based on this decision, the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo will be able to move without visas in Schengen zone and that not later than the date January 1, 2024.

The new rules upon the removal of the visa regime for Kosovo will allow citizens to travel in EU without visas for a stay period from 90 days to every period 180 days. Kosovo had fulfilled all criteria for visa liberalization on time, but until now the consensus within member states for the advancement of the process was missing. Thanks to the work of the Government especially in the field of rule of law, fight against corruption and the management of emigration the breaking of the process and the persuasion of the EU institutions and the member states that the Kosovo finally deserves the ending of the process of visa linearization and that the country has done progress in importation achievements in the relevant fields, was achieved.

After a long wait, this is a key moment of the approximation of our country with the European family.

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